Chicken Run!

This week, we head off for a 10-day RV trip with dear friends. Seven of us in a 30-footer. These are friends we have known for 25-plus years (oh dear!), so let’s all hope we come back with our friendship intact and that we haven’t pecked each other to bits. Not surprisingly, we’ve been thinking about meals we can cook on the open road (or at least at an RV campground). This one came to mind—a recipe we developed and shot for F&W online a few summers ago (along with literally 89 other recipes and photos you can see here!) This one is fresh, easy and doable on the fly, which seems important because basically these are the skills we are bringing. Everything else will be learn as we go! Let us know what you are doing and cooking this summer. And follow us on Instagram @andweate for up-to-the-minute hijinks from the road. There are sure to be a few.



Grilled Curried Chicken Legs