the birthday party

Kate and I love a party. But I have to face it, since I met Kate my involvement with planning parties and making the food has lessened proportionally to the years we have been together. But for this party (a surprise for Kate) I was on my own. (Full disclosure: I did have the help of the calm, wonderful and talented Mr. Andrew Nowick, who helped immeasurably. And, with his husband, hosted the party at their house. That is him in the second black and white pic below.) So, after this party, I am ready to get back in the party game. I've always loved the details, the cooking (all those little beautiful moments), planning, writing little notes to the guests on their to go cookie bags, picking the right platters, and even planning for people to do readings or say a little something (you never know what you are going to get and are always happily surprised).  And then, of course, there is the spending time with friends. Since I did not even try to document the party, I was actually able to spend some time talking and catching up. There are ways that photography makes you super present, you are always paying attention, but in reality it takes me out of the human moment of talking and sharing with friends which I wanted to be fully in that evening. Fortunately Mr. Christopher Gifford brought his new A7 camera and took these wonderful black and white pics. Thanks Chris!

So, to the next party. See you there.