It has happened again. I am confronted with this immense landscape, enormous generosity of people and rich scents. And I feel all these descriptions are even cliches in a way, I can’t capture it in words. Or photos. Every day was filled with a new process (shelling almonds, jarring tomato sauce, making estratto (tomato paste). I realize and feel I need to clarify that this estate is especially unique in that there are a lot of people employed to do this work for the family. (To that point, we were welcomed into the winery by the wine maker to taste a very young (10 days old) and still fermenting sauvignion blanc and we were able to walk under the trellis’ of the table grapes that are grown for the family) But even walking in the small villages you see these same processes going on outside their doors in small alleys. There is, do I even need to say it, a connection to the land and food that is so engrained it is just part of the life here. So, another small offering of photos of this place,Regaliali, which we are leaving today.